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Top YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face For Beginners

Top YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face For Beginners 2022/2023 can be accessed below.

Who says that a YouTuber must always appear in front of the camera? On the video-based YouTube platform, there are lots of YouTubers who don’t show their faces but have lots of fans because of interesting, entertaining, and educational content.

Because speaking in front of the camera requires extra courage for some people, NewsEdge will share top eight faceless content ideas on YouTube that you can develop. Who knows, even without showing your face, you can get lots of fans, and of course, you can increase your income from YouTube.

1. Cooking
The first faceless content idea on YouTube was cooking. By creating cooking content, you can really show no face in your videos.

All you have to do is point your camera at your hands when cooking, the spices you prepare, the cooking utensils you use and so on. For example, when you want to make a fried rice recipe, you can simply record the method step by step and explain it using voice over without having to show your face.

2. DIY (Do it Yourself)
The next content that can be made on YouTube without having to show a face is Do it Yourself (DIY). This type of content is really sought after by the audience because it provides various kinds of educational tutorials to improve certain skills .

For example, during a pandemic like now, which requires people to stay at home, you can create content on how to decorate rooms, make wall hangings and much more.

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3. Gaming
It’s no longer a secret that gaming content doesn’t need to show the faces of the players. There are quite a lot of people looking for this type of content, you know . Games that you can make content for, for example, PUBG, Mobile Legends to Fortnite.

To do this, you can simply record your device’s screen while playing a game . It would be better if you use a voice over whose voice sounds clear so that it can add to the excitement of playing the game.

4. Product Reviews/Unboxing
Product reviews or unboxing are also one of the faceless content ideas on YouTube that you should try. The audience will usually look for this type of content when they want to buy an item, especially those purchased through online marketplaces. The majority of them want to see in more detail the items they want to buy in order to minimize disappointment if they buy the wrong product.

If you want to start as a content creator on YouTube as an unboxing specialist, you can start with items that are in great demand and of course the items being reviewed don’t have to be expensive.

5. Video editing tutorials
Editing videos nowadays is a skill that many people learn. Therefore, the idea for faceless content that you can choose next is a video editing tutorial, be it using a cellphone or using a computer.

This type of content, although the discussion is specific, can be developed more broadly. Because, there are lots of video editing applications such as Adobe, Filmorago, KineMaster and many more that you can process. The method is almost the same as gaming content , you just need to record your device screen while explaining how to edit the video.

6. Pets
Filming an animal or pet can turn out to be an interesting faceless content idea. You can explain how to take care of animals, choose animals, or even record their funny behavior.

Pets that you can record and make content on YouTube, for example, goats, cows, cats, dogs, betta fish and many more.

7. Educational Videos
The educational video referred to in this case is about learning school materials. Especially during a pandemic that forced schools to stay from home, videos about study tips were in great demand by viewers.

To do this, you can simply record the paper or textbooks you want to discuss by adding a voice over to explain it. Of course, the target market for this type of video is students and parents of these students.

8. Vlogs
Is it possible to vlog without a face on YouTube? The answer is really, guys . For example, if you like traveling, try recording various angles of the places you visit, then review what’s in it without having to show your face.

Without having to appear in front of the camera, you can take your virtual audience for a walk armed with video recordings supported by interesting voice overs. So, vlog content without faces is of course very suitable for those of you who lack confidence in front of the camera or have introverted traits (typical people who like to spend time alone or one to two friends who feel very close).

Those are faceless content ideas on YouTube that you can try. Besides being able to improve your skills in the video field, of course you can also increase your income from YouTube. Oh yes, it would be nice if the content above is adapted to your hobby, so you enjoy making it. Happy working!


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